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Prof. Pnina Fishman, Ph.D., Chairman
Prof. Fishman is the Chairman and interim CEO of OphthaliX. Prof. Fishman is also the scientific founder and CEO of Can-Fite BioPharma and was previously a professor of Life Sciences and headed the Laboratory of Clinical and Tumor Immunology at the Felsenstein Medical Research Institute, Rabin Medical Center. Prof. Fishman is a very accomplished scientist and has authored or co-authored over 150 publications and presented the findings of her research at many major scientific meetings. Her past managerial experience included seven years as CEO of Mor Research Application (MRA), a company that was in charge of the commercialization of intellectual property from all hospitals and research centers of Clalit Health Services, the largest healthcare provider in Israel, and was also the first clinical CRO in Israel. She was also involved in the establishment and served on the Board of Directors of several life sciences technology start-ups.
Roger D. Kornberg, Ph.D.
Mr. Roger Kornberg  is the 2006 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry (unshared). He is Winzer Professor in Medicine in the Department of Structural Biology at Stanford University. In his doctoral research, he demonstrated the diffusional motions of lipids in membranes, termed flip-flop and lateral diffusion. He was a postdoctoral fellow and member of the scientific staff at the Laboratory of Molecular biology in Cambridge, England from 1972-5, where he discovered the nucleosome, the basic unit of DNA coiling in chromosomes. He moved to his present position in 1978, where his research has focused on the mechanism and regulation of eukaryotic gene transcription. Notable findings include the demonstration of the role of nucleosomes in transcriptional regulation, the establishment of a yeast RNA polymerase II transcription system and the isolation of all the proteins involved, the discovery of the Mediator of transcriptional regulation, the development of two-dimensional protein crystallization and its application to transcription proteins, and the atomic structure determination of an RNA polymerase II transcribing complex.
Kornberg was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1993. He has received many awards, including the 2001 Welch prize, highest award in chemistry in the United States, the 2002 Leopold Mayer Prize, highest award in biomedical sciences of the French Academy of Sciences, and the 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (unshared) 
Ilan Cohn, Ph.D.
Dr. Ilan Cohn is a co-founder of the company and it’s Vice Chairman. Dr. Cohn is a senior partner of Reinhold Cohn & Partners the largest IP firm in Israel. He manages the life sciences and chemistry department of Reinhold Cohn, which includes a very large staff of patent attorneys, trainees, paralegals, and assistant staff. Dr. Cohn, has many years of experience in the field of patents and other intellectual property fields. Additionally, in the course of his professional career Ilan gained significant experience and expertise in turning intellectual property assets, particularly patents into a first tier asset. He holds a Ph.D. in biology. He served on the board of directors of a number of life science companies in Israel and in the USA. He was also involved in the past in management of VC funds focused on investment in the field of the life sciences. Dr. Cohn served a number of years as a co-chairman of the Biotech Committee of the US-Israeli Science and Technology Commission.
Guy Regev
Mr. Guy Regev is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Shaked Global Group, a privately-held equity investment firm that provides value added capital to environmental related companies and technologies. Shaked Global Group is a major shareholder in Can-Fite BioPharma and Mr. Regev is a director of Can-Fite. Mr. Regev has over 12 years of experience in accounting, financial management and control and general management of commercial enterprises. Prior to joining Shaked, Mr. Regev was Vice President, commercial business, at Housing & Construction Holding (“HCH”), Israel’s largest infrastructure company... Between 1999 and 2001, Mr. Regev was a manager at Deloitte & Touche, Israel. Mr. Regev holds an LLB degree in Law (Israel) and is a licensed lawyer and has been a licensed CPA since 1999. 
Michael Belkin, Ph.D.
Dr. Michael Belkin is a Professor of Ophthalmology at Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the Director of the Ophthalmic Technologies Laboratory at the university’s Eye Research Institute at the Sheba Medical Center. He was awarded a master’s degree in natural sciences by Cambridge University, England, and received a doctorate in medicine from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dr. Belkin served previously as Director of Research, Development and Non-Conventional Warfare Medicine in the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps. He was also the first full-time Director of the Tel Aviv University Eye Research Institute, Chairman of the Tel-Aviv University Department of Ophthalmology and the President of the Israel Society of Eye and Vision Research, of which he was one of the founders. Dr. Belkin is an author of over 250 scientific publications and 20 patents. He is an internationally recognized eye researcher and has received various research awards. He is an entrepreneur and advisor of several ophthalmic companies in the fields of lasers, optics, ophthalmic devices, pharmaceutics and biotechnology. One of his ideas, the ExPRESS miniature glaucoma shunt, is currently used worldwide. Dr. Belkin is an active, long-standing, member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Biomedical Optics Society section of the International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE), the American Glaucoma Society and many others. He serves as chairman and member of various international and local scientific and professional committees as well as scientific journals’ editorial boards.