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OphthaliX Inc. (OTCQB:OPLI) develops medical devices* and pharmaceutical products to improve sight and treat ophthalmic diseases. OphthaliX’s drug candidate, CF101, is an A3 adenosine receptor agonist. It is a novel first in class small molecule orally bioavailable drug which is being developed to treat two ophthalmic indications: glaucoma and uveitis. OphthaliX’s medical devices* under development, Glance™ desktop application and vView™ wearable virtual reality goggles, bring breakthrough technology to diagnose, improve sight and offer therapy to a variety of ocular diseases and eye conditions.


The company`s technology platform is based on the finding that the Gi protein coupled A3 adenosine receptor (A3AR) is highly expressed in inflammatory cells whereas low expression is found in normal body cells. High A3AR expression >>  more...


CF101 is currently being developed by OphthaliX to treat two ophthalmic indications: glaucoma and uveitis. A phase II glaucoma study is currently ongoing in Europe >> more...


19/06/2015 10:35:03
OphthaliX Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Improved Vision Systems Ltd>> more...
Second Part of the Glaucoma Phase II study has been Approved in a European Country>> more...

* OphthaliX’s medical device arm is subject to completion of the acquisition of medical device technology company, Improved Vision Systems (I.V.S) Ltd, which is yet to occur. The acquisition is subject to a series of closing conditions. For more information click here.